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Behavior Consult

Does your dog display behaviors that you find frustrating or scary? Is your dog fearful of people, places, or things? A behavior consult is the perfect place to start your training journey.

We will walk through the why's of canine behavior, and create a personalized training plan to help your dog feel more comfortable, and/or teach them a new behavior to replace the one you aren't fond of.

Perfect for dogs who: bark and lunge on walks, guard food or other objects, are fearful of handling, grooming, or veterinary procedures, and more.

Each consult includes notes, a training plan specific to your needs, and email support.

Behavior consults can be conducted in person or online via Zoom. For dogs that are fearful or aggressive towards humans, the initial behavior consult must be done via Zoom to ensure safety and comfort for all participants.

$100/1 hour consult

Packages available:
- 4 Sessions: $390
- 6 Sessions: $580
- 8 Sessions: $770
- 10 Sessions: $960
- Additional sessions may be purchased for $100/each

Behavior Consult
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