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Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark, howl, or whine when you leave? Do they have accidents, destroy doorframes or furniture, or harm themselves in attempts to escape? Are you afraid of what you will find when you return home each day? Tired of complaints from the neighbors? Heartbroken over seeing your dog's distress and feeling trapped in your own home?

There is hope.

Your dog can learn that being home alone is safe. You can both find peace. There is a future where you can walk out the door, without your dog, without a single moment of hesitation or fear- from either of you.

Let us help you get there.

Step 1: Let's Get Started

In this 30-minute Zoom call, we will meet, discuss your dog and your needs, and run through all of the details involved in beginning a training program.

I'll answer all of your burning questions, and help you determine the best path forward.

30-minute Zoom call: $50*

*cost will be applied to your first month training package

Lazy Brown Dog
Curious Dog

Step 2: 4-Week Training Package

Ready to begin the journey to comfortable alone time? Start with a 4-week package to ensure a solid foundation.

Package includes:

  • Weekly 1-hr live Zoom meetings (4 total)

  • 20 custom training plans (4/week)

  • Daily support and personalized feedback

  • Email and text support with video review

  • Communication with your veterinary team

  • Careful data tracking for optimal success

  • As much cheerleading as you can handle!

Cost: $600


What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, with panic being triggered when the dog is left alone. This panic, and the associated behaviors, are involuntary. Behaviors indicative of separation anxiety can include (when alone): barking and howling, pacing, drooling, destructive behaviors, potty accidents, and self-injuring behaviors.

Are Training Results Guaranteed? As much as we would love to guarantee that your dog will reach successful alone time, ethically we cannot guarantee the behavior of any living creature- human or dog! However, we hope that you find hope in the numerous examples of dogs who have recovered from separation anxiety and are now living happy, relaxed lives.

How Does Separation Anxiety Training Work? Training a separation-anxious dog looks quite different from traditional training methods. We use a method called systematic desensitization. Think of it as carefully spoon-feeding your dog safe alone time experiences, building up their confidence at their own pace.

How Long Does Training Take? Training is very individual to you and your dog. As such, there is no time frame for training success. Typically speaking, we think of alone time training in terms of months, not weeks, but also months, not years.

Why Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety? We can't really say why individual dogs present with separation anxiety. There is some evidence that there is a genetic component. What we can say is that, if you are a guardian of a dog with separation anxiety, it is not your fault. So drop any and all guilt here!

I Really Can't Leave My Dog Alone Ever? Yes, really! But just for the duration of training. Separation anxiety is a panic disorder. Each time your dog is left alone for too long, we are telling them that being alone IS scary. Your dog does not need to be with you 100% of the time. They just need to be with someone. Daycares, dog walkers, neighbors, and all manner of other possibilities are out there. The only limit is your creativity! Need some support? Book a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss your options!


Get in touch! We are happy to help.

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