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Group Classes

Puppy Adventures

Puppy Adventures is the perfect class to start your new puppy off on the right paw! This socialization-focused class will help your puppy grow into a confident, well-rounded dog. Expect your puppy to learn that new people, dogs, and opportunities to explore are fun, not scary! We will also begin basic manners training, focusing on cues that will make living with your puppy easier, and discuss the prevention of common behavior problems.

Puppy Adventures is on a rolling enrollment schedule. This means that you can sign your puppy up at any time! Click the sign up button and fill out the form to see when your puppy can begin!

  • Location: Speck's Pet Supplies: Geist

    • 11641 Fox Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46236

  • Date: Mondays, beginning June 3 (5 week course)

  • Time: 6:00 - 6:50pm

  • Price: $200

  • Eligibility: Puppies between the ages of 8 - 18 weeks at their start date

Wild Child

Is your dog a bit . . . wild? Could they be described as having a certain *zest* for life? This class is for you! Class will focus on teaching your jumping, pulling, mouthing, barking wild child some helpful manners and impulse control. We will also help you learn to channel your dog's energy into appropriate outlets. Bring a healthy sense of humor and a sturdy harness!

  • Location: Speck's Pet Supplies: Geist

    • 11641 Fox Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46236

  • Date: Mondays, June 3 - July 8 (no class July 1)

  • Times: 7 - 7:50pm

  • Price: $200

  • Eligibility: Dogs and puppies 4+ months

Dogs Thriving in the City @ Fountain Square Brewing


Does your dog love coming to the brewery and going on other public outings, but sometimes has a hard time controlling their excitement? Do they want to say hi to everyone they see? Do they have a hard time settling down for you to enjoy your beer?


If you answered yes to these questions, enroll your pup in Brewery Dog Basics! 

Some of the skills that will be taught in this class include: loose leash walking, leave it, stay, polite greetings, how to settle under a table, and other skills that can help your dog engage with you amongst distractions.

  • Location: Fountain Square Brewing

    • 1301 Barth Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46203

  • Date: Coming soon!

  • Time: 12:00 - 12:50pm

  • Price: $200

  • Eligibility: Dogs and puppies 4 months and over

All classes are taught in collaboration with Perked Ears Behavior Consulting!

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