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Social Puppy Package

Busy schedule leaving little time for puppy socialization and training? Allow a dog trainer to help! This package includes field trips into the big world for safe socialization, as well as basic manners, handling, and more! Packages can be tailored to your needs, but must include socialization activities.

A meet and greet is required prior to package purchase. This 1 hour initial consult ($100) will be used to determine your dog's eligibility for this program, and to come up with mutual goals. Puppies must be under 14 weeks at the start of training to qualify for this package. The socialization window closes at about 16 weeks, so it is highly recommended that your puppy start as soon as they come home. Special care will be taken to ensure the health of puppies who have not finished their vaccinations.

Each session is 1 hour, and will come with notes and homework, as well as email support.

Packages available:
- 4 Sessions: $390
- 6 Sessions: $580
- 8 Sessions: $770
- 10 Sessions: $960
- Additional sessions can be purchased for $100/each
*Must use minimum one session as a skills transfer

Social Puppy Package
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