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 Basic Manners

Does your dog jump, pull on leash, and generally seem to forget you exist? Let's work together to teach them that listening can be fun!

Training is individualized to meet you and your dog's needs. Our force-free methods are efficient, effective, and fun! Look forward to working with your dog, rather than against them.

We can help with a variety of behaviors, including:

  • Jumping to greet

  • Excess barking

  • Pulling on leash

  • Coming when called

  • Inappropriate chewing

  • House or potty training

  • Mouthiness or biting during play

  • Boredom related behaviors

  • Settling in a new dog

  • Basic training (sit, down, stay, etc.)

Let's Get Started!

We will begin with an initial 60 minute consultation. This time will be used to get to know each other, discuss problems and goals, and determine a management strategy- that is, how to mitigate the problem behaviors while we work toward our long-term goals.

Expect to receive a management plan, initial recommendations, detailed notes, and a recommendation for moving forward with training.

Initial consultation: $100

Dog Portrait
Dog Portrait


Behavior change takes time. After your initial consultation, let's work together to keep you moving forward. Each 60-minute training session will come with personalized notes, homework, and unlimited email support.

4 Sessions: $390

6 Sessions: $580

8 Sessions: $770

10 Sessions: $960

Single Session: $100

Let's Work Together!

Why waste any more time? Let's get started on the journey to a happier life with your best friend.

Cute Happy Dog
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