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Puppy Training

Have you recently welcomed home a new puppy? Make the most of these critical first weeks by getting your puppy started off right. Your new puppy is right in the middle of the most important weeks of their lives: the sensitive period of socialization.

Your puppy's experiences from 8-20 weeks have a major impact on their behavior and confidence for the rest of their lives! These weeks cannot be made up later, so do not waste a second!


  • Meeting new people

  • Meeting new dogs

  • Exploring safe new places

  • Grooming and vet procedures

  • Resource guarding prevention

  • Comfort with household appliances

Life Skills

  • House or potty training

  • Coming when called

  • Polite greetings

  • Enrichment and boredom prevention

  • Basic manners foundations

  • Appropriate chewing and play biting

Let's Get Started!

We will begin with an initial 60 minute consultation. This time will be used to get to know each other, discuss your goals with your puppy, answer all of your burning questions, and begin a socialization and training plan!

Expect to receive detailed notes, a socialization guide, and the first steps of your personalized training plan!

Cute Puppy
Cute Puppy


Puppyhood is a lot of work. After your initial consultation, let's work together to keep you moving forward. Each 60-minute training session will come with personalized notes, homework, and unlimited email support.

4 Sessions: $390

6 Sessions: $580

8 Sessions: $770

10 Sessions: $960

Single Session: $100

Let's Work Together!

Don't waste a moment of this precious time. Let's work together to raise the happy, confident companion of your dreams.

Small Puppy
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