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Day Training

There are no shortcuts in dog training- except this one! If you are too busy for training, or if endless repetitions of new behaviors doesn't sound like your idea of fun, this is the option for you!

With day training, you get a trainer to do the heavy lifting and teach your dog new behaviors, in their natural environment- their home! At the end of your package, you get to take over and maintain their new skills.

Day training skills include:

  • Jumping to greet

  • Pulling on leash

  • Coming when called

  • Barking and lunging on walks

  • Fear of veterinary procedures

  • Fear of grooming procedures

  • Basic training (sit, down, stay, etc.)

  • And more! Contact us with your needs

Let's Get Started!

We will begin with an initial 45-60 minute meet and greet in your home. This time will be used to get to know each other, discuss problems and goals, determine if your dog is suitable for a day training program, and learn what training will look like.

Expect to receive initial recommendations, and a recommended package for moving forward with training.

Initial consultation: $100

Dog with Toy
Dog with Toy


Each 60-minute training session will come with personalized progress notes.​ Minimum of one session per package will be used as a transfer session to teach you your dog's new skills.

4 Sessions: $390

6 Sessions: $580

8 Sessions: $770

10 Sessions: $960

Single Add-On Session: $100

Let's Work Together!

Why waste any more time? Let's get started on the journey to a happier life with your best friend.

Dog in flower meadow
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